Showcase Session 2 - AdaptInfrastructure briefing — YRD
12:15PM - 1:15PM
Foyer E
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Sydney Water, in conjunction with collaborator Climate Risk, will showcase ”AdaptWater” to provide participants with a more detailed understanding of how the tool works and the potential for application within their own organisation. AdaptWaterTM is an online climate change adaptation and asset-planning tool. It is designed to quantify the risk associated with climate change and extreme events and perform cost-benefit analyses of proposed adaptation options in order to inform planning and investment decisions.

A range of scenarios can be run against a utility’s assets (existing or planned) to assess the impact of various climate change hazards on an individual asset or set of assets. The user can explore the impact of hazards such as sea level rise; precipitation; rises in temperature; and extreme wind. The tool is backed up by a robust set of data to provide decision-makers with the necessary information to determine the most cost effective solutions for adaptation.

AdaptWaterTM allows the user to:

• quantify the impact of climate change hazard/s on thousands of water supply and sewerage assets

• quantify and project the probability of damage and failure of assets from existing hazards and those made worse by climate change

• calculate the risk to the utility in both financial and non-financial terms

• compare adaptation measures to establish the costs and benefits of multiple adaptation options and allow prioritisation

• present outputs in a visual way and so provide a compelling case to a range of stakeholders including managers, financial controllers, economic regulators and environmental authorities.