Conference Dinner — YRD
7:30PM - 10:30PM
Hall 4
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The annual Climate Adaptation Champion Awards highlight the achievements of people taking concrete steps to change behaviour, techniques, businesses practices and policies to adapt to climate variability and change.

The awards will be announced at the conference dinner, and are a chance to share the stories of Australian people, businesses and organisations who are champions of practical and innovative ways to adapt to climate change. NCCARF Climate Adaptation Champions will be chosen in 4 categories: Individual, Community, Business and Government.

They champion climate adaptation in one or more fields:

1. Adaptation for prosperity – In a shop or on the farm, from your location to your services, what do you do differently in business to account for a changing climate?

2. Communicating for climate adaptation – What have you done to connect people with the knowledge they need to understand adaptation and find solutions for climate challenges?

3. Assisting the natural environment – How do you make habitats more climate resilient or care for wildlife that will be affected by climate change?

4. Climate adapted city life – What are you doing in the city to help prepare for climate impacts such as more extremely hot days or stresses on the water supply?

MC: Steve Turton
Speaker: Jon Black, Director-General, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection