Workshop Session - AdaptInfrastructure Training Session — YRD
12:35PM - 2:30PM
Meeting Room 1

Prebooked delegates only. To book a place at this workshop, please enquire at the Registration Desk (Foyer G).

NCCARF Conference attendees will be offered a free training sessions in the use of the Adapt-Infrastructure adaptation analysis software. This will be of interest to larger organisations such as utilities and local government – register now as there are only a fixed number of spaces. 

Adapt-Infrastructure is an online cost-benefit analysis system for climate change adaptation and asset-planning. It is designed to quantify the risks and costs associated with climate change and extreme events and allow users to test the effectiveness proposed adaptation options in order to inform planning and investment decisions.

This software is being developed based on the award winning AdaptWaterTM system developed for Australian water utilities, now the system is being diversified for other sectors.

A range of scenarios can be run against an organisation’s assets (existing or planned) to assess the impact of various climate change hazards on an individual asset or set of assets. The user can explore the impact of hazards such as sea level rise; increased flooding; rises in temperature; and extreme wind. The tool is backed up by a robust set of data to provide decisionmakers with the necessary information to determine the most cost effective solutions for adaptation. Sydney Water will be sponsoring a workshop and booth for training sessions at the NCCARF Conference to provide participants with a more detailed understanding of how Adapt-Infrastructure works and potential application within their own organisation. These workshop sessions will be delivered with Climate Risk, who are collaborators in the development of the tool.