Panel Session 7 - Communication - uncertainty is irrelevant — YRD
10:30AM - 12:00PM
Meeting Room 7
Chair: James Duggie

Decision making in the face of uncertainty is challenging, but uncertainty shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not considering climate change adaptation and investing in it where appropriate. Real and perceived uncertainties provide a key barrier to some people and organisations accepting the urgency of addressing climate change. They can also be a barrier to both a willingness to, and acknowledgement of the existing ability to, make responsible decisions about investing in adaptation. The Panel Session will explore:

a) why we have so much trouble thinking clearly about uncertainty?;
b) how to communicate uncertainty more effectively? and
c) how to improve the skill of individuals and organisations to understand uncertainty  and make decisions and investments despite it?
d) how to respond to the argument that “there is too much uncertainty to be able to know what to do”.
e) When can using uncertainty can provide more complete decision making?